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Information for Travelers

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)

American citizens traveling or residing in Ghana, please enroll to receive periodic security updates from the Embassy.  See the link "STEP Enrollment" at the right.

Assistance in Finding Medical Help

If you become sick or hurt, you can contact a Consular Officer for a list of Ghanaian medical providers. If you are injured or become seriously ill, a Consular Officer will help you find medical assistance and, at your request, inform your family or friends. For further information, see the Medical Facilities and Health information link on Consular Specific information for Ghana.  Find additional information about travel to Ghana here

Assistance in Getting Funds

In an emergency, the Consular office can help you contact your family, bank, or employer to arrange for them to send you financial support.

Help in an Emergency

In the event that your family needs to reach you because of an emergency at home or because they are worried about your welfare, they should call the State Department's Citizens Emergency Center at (202) 647-5225. The State Department will relay the message to the Consular Officers in the country in which you are traveling. Consular Officers will try to locate you, pass on urgent messages, and, consistent with the Privacy Act, report back to your family.

Legal Assistance

If you are arrested, you should ask the authorities to notify a U.S. Consular Officer. Consular Officers cannot get you out of jail. You are in a foreign country and subject to its laws. However, a Consular Officer can work to protect your legitimate interests and ensure that you are not discriminated against. They also provide a list of attorneys in Ghana (PDF 44KB). They can also visit you in jail, and, at your request, contact your family and friends.

Assistance When an American Dies in Ghana

When an American dies in Ghana, the Consular office stands prepared to assist the family of the deceased in a variety of ways. The Consular office will be able to inform the family about the options and costs for disposition of the remains. Costs for preparing and returning remains to the U.S. may be high and must be borne privately. Click here for a list of Funeral Services in Ghana.

Lost or Stolen Credit Card

Because of the growing threat of credit card fraud, it is not recommended that travelers use credit cards while traveling in Ghana. Travelers who elect to use their credit cards should employ all precautions. Lost or stolen credit cards can be reported by calling collect to the following numbers:

Travel Registration

  • STEP

Emergency Contact

  • If you are an American Citizen with an emergency, you may contact us at the following number and request to speak with the U.S. Embassy Duty Officer: +233-30-2741-000. The phone number is the same whether you are calling during business hours or after-hours.

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